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2024-2025 Tryout Information



If you are interested in trying out for Believe Volleyball Club or have been contacted by a Believe Volleyball Recruiter, please email .

If you cannot make it to our tryout times, you can be evaluated at a  pre-tryout or open gym session. Click here for more information.

We can also schedule individual evaluations via private lessons. Please contact if you are interested in a private lesson. 


Dates and Times

Wednesday 7/10 5:30-7pm all age groups
Wednesday 7/17 5:30-7pm all age groups


*(Only one tryout required for evaluation)


Location: St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church

Cost: $20



End of RMR Regular Season and Open Recruiting Period
For all ages, the end of the RMR Regular Season is May 1st, 2024. While some teams may continue on to the
USAV Girls Junior National Championship, the competitive season for most athletes, teams, coaches, and clubs
has concluded. All athletes, regardless of their teams continuing to compete, are considered free agents at this
time. The open recruiting period extends through tryouts until an athlete has signed a contract with a club.
Teams that compete in any USAV event and compete in events offered by other organizations are bound by all
RMR/USAV rules. Teams that violate any RMR/USAV rule are subject to disqualification and sanctions.
Following the end of the Regular Season:
● Athletes can initiate contact with any coach or club.
● Athletes can attend camps, clinics, lessons, evaluations, and pre-tryout activities.
● Clubs can host camps, clinics, lessons, evaluations, and pre-tryout activities.
● Clubs can initiate contact with the parent or guardian of any athlete in accordance with SafeSport.
● Clubs can give written or verbal offers. Written or verbal offers are not binding or contingent in any way.
● Clubs can not distribute or gift athletes gear, apparel, or anything of monetary value as a result of any offer
being extended, accepted, or otherwise.
● Clubs can not ask for nor accept deposits of any kind.
● Clubs are encouraged to provide a sample contract for a parent or guardian to read through in advance of
potentially signing with that specific club.


Recommended Tryout Period
For the 24-25 season, clubs are recommended by the RMR to hold tryouts from July 14th, 2024 to July 21st, 2024.
While some clubs may choose to hold “tryouts” at different dates, the RMR encourages clubs to hold their tryouts
during this week to give athletes an opportunity to explore different clubs in a smaller window of time. The tryout
period ends for an athlete once they have signed a contract. The tryout period ends for a team or club when they
have no further spots to offer to prospective athletes.
During the tryout period:
● All stipulations of the open recruiting period continue through the tryout period.
● Clubs can determine if they will or will not charge for tryouts.
Contract Signing Period
There are two different dates as it relates to the contract signing period.
● Any athlete returning to the same club that they were affiliated with the previous season can be offered and
sign a contract starting on July 22nd, 2024 at 10:00 AM MST.
● Any athlete, regardless of their affiliation the prior season, can be offered and sign a contract on July 23rd,
2024 at 10:00 AM MST.
During the contract signing period:
● Contracts can be signed and countersigned by the athlete’s parent or guardian and the offering club. An
athlete can not sign a contract, regardless of age.
● Clubs can ask for and accept deposits.
● Clubs are encouraged to timestamp and date signed contracts. An example would be an email including all
involved parties with a clear timestamp and date that includes the signed and countersigned contract.
● Once a contract is signed, the athlete can not sign with another club for the 2024-2025 season unless a
transfer is granted as outlined in the “RMR Transfer Policy”. You are recognized as being a member of that
club once a contract is signed by both parties. This is in anticipation of the athlete being affiliated with the
contracted club when USAV registration opens.
● Any contracts signed prior to the contract signing period are null and void and subject to disciplinary actions
by the RMR and USAV.

*Times subject to change

**Location subject to change