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Believe Beach Volleyball



Beach doubles is now an NCAA sport and a great opportunity to cross-train for the indoor game.  

Olympic Head Coach and Gold Medalist Karch Kiraly recommends beach for all players. According to Karch, "It's easier to take your outdoor skills into the gym than bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason. Beach forces you to have all the skills! That's why I think every player should play beach. Learning those skills will help improve a player's indoor performance."

Believe Beach has consistently produced top doubles teams both in the Rocky Mountain Region and nationally.  Since our inaugural season in 2013, several of our Believe Beach alumna have received beach scholarships for both NCAA Division 1 and NJCAA schools. In 2018, three Believe Beach teams finished in the top 10 teams in the nation in the 16U, 14U, and 12U age groups at the USAV Junior National Beach Championships. Adding to those achievements, 8 Believe Beach teams have won gold, silver, and bronze medals at the USAV Jr. Regional Open Sand tournament (including boys and girls teams); a gold and silver medal at AAU Beach Qualifiers; and 13 bids to the USAV Jr. National Beach Championships and AAU Beach Nationals.  In addition to sand, Believe Beach has been just as successful in grass tournaments, winning 6 championships at the Steamboat Doubles tournament and 5 championships at the King of the Mountain Tournament in Vail. Believe Beach teams have also achieved numerous 1st place finishes in the RMR Beach Series tournaments and Volleyball of the Rockies tournaments as well as winning Princess of the Beach.

The coaching staff at Believe Beach will focus on the technical training aspect of the game so your athlete will gain knowledge and experience in performing the necessary skills and strategies of doubles volleyball. We train in both the sand and grass.  We also offer conditioning sessions that will develop the level of fitness required to increase speed, agility, and vertical jump for both the indoor and outdoor game.

Practices will begin in June. We are also offering a 5 week session "Princess of the Beach" league facilitated by Eden Volleyball on Wednesday nights.  



Girls Teams:
12U, 14U, 16U, 18U


DATES: June 1st-July 15th, 2021*

*All dates are subject to change due to local/state/USAV/AAU COVID updates.

Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays
Times: 5-7:00pm
Location:  Dove Valley Regional Park, 7900 S. Potomac St Englewood, 80112
Beach season (includes uniform) - $295 



1) Eden Volleyball Series #1 tournament June 11th. Grass and Sand divisions at Dove Valley Park. Cost per player $25. AAU MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

2) King of the Mountain Grass tournament June 19th. Cost pet player $60 (coaching provided). AVP MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

3) RMR Beach Regional Qualifier Sand tournament June 25 or June 26 (depending on division). Cost per player $130 (coaching provided). USAV MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

4) Eden Volleyball Series #2 tournament July 9th. Grass and Sand divisions at Dove Valley Park. Cost per player $25. AAU MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

5) Eden Volleyball Series #3 tournament July 16th. Grass and Sand divisions at Dove Valley Park. Cost per player $25. AAU MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

*Please note that AVP/USAV/AAU tournaments requires that you are a member of their organization. USAV has various membership options, but if you played club in the Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) or any other USAV region during the 2021 season then your membership is current.  AVP memberships can be found here. AAU memberships can be found here



Please contact us for more information!

Register by May 7th for a FREE registration gift!

Believe Beach Conditioning Camp Sessions!

This is a separate program that you can participate in whether or not you are signed up for the full Believe Beach program.

Beach conditioning camp focuses on improving athlete's vertical jump and movement skills. Beach conditioning training is great for cross-training for the beach and indoor volleyball player alike!

Believe Beach Conditioning Camp will be individual training – you will not need a partner to condition!  Additionally, you do not need to be signed up for our Believe Beach Camp program to come participate.
We are offering this to everyone so that athletes can prepare for either their high school, their collegiate, or doubles seasons!

DATES: June 1st-July 15th*

Times: Tuesday/Thursdays 7-7:30pm at Dove Valley Park.

Cost: $50

For questions please contact

East Denver (Eden) Volleyball "Princess of the Beach" Style League Camp - Session 1

DATES: Wednesdays June 2nd-July 7th

TIMES: 5-6:30pm or 6:30-8pm (times will alternate each week)

"Princess/Prince of the Beach" style are volleyball doubles competitive sessions of rotating pairs. Individual players sign up to play and will compete with different partners.  Individuals will accumulate points with each partner during each competitive session, and individuals will keep adding to their points as they play with different partners. The individual with the most points at the end of the camp session would be the "princess/prince" and every player after that would be ranked according to quantity of points.

League camp consists of 80 minute camp groups*
5 weeks (+1 bonus week if no rain outs) competing in sand and/or grass volleyball "Princess/Prince of the Beach" style competitive sessions. Single players will rotate and play with different doubles partners in competitive sessions. Players that accumulate the most points during each camp group will be ranked top to bottom. Players will set up and play on their designated nets for the entire camp time that evening. 

Two league groups will be every Wednesday at Dove Valley Regional Park - 5-6:30pm and 6:30-8pm. Players will be assigned to one of those groups, and player group times will change for players each week. 

The cost of the league camp is $150/player. 

The league camp will be played on either sand or grass courts depending on the player's accumulated ranking. Rankings will begin based on age. Higher ranked players will play in the sand while lower ranked players will play in the grass.

Spots in this league camp will be limited.

An AAU Youth Athlete Membership is required to participate in this league camp - here

*An additional 10 minutes is added to each camp group for players to set up and warm up (5-5:10 in first group) and to warm up and tear down (6:30-6:35; 7:55-8 in the second group). 

Please contact us for more information! Find us on facebook here!

East Denver "Eden" Volleyball Series Tournaments
These juniors doubles grass volleyball tournament will be held at either Founder's Park (4671 Enderud Blvd, Castle Rock, CO 80104) or Dove Valley Regional Park.

Boys and Girls Divisions in age groups 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U*
An AAU Membership is REQUIRED to participate in this tournament (found

Tournament Series Dates:
1) Eden Volleyball Series #1 June 11th

2)Eden Volleyball Series #2 July 9th

3)Eden Volleyball Series #3 July 16th



Please contact us for more information! Find us on facebook here!